At The Glenn Law Firm, we believe in serving our clients with integrity, dedication, and personalized attention. We are more than just a law firm – we are advocates who are here to stand by your side, every step of the way.

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Choose The Glenn Law Firm for our unwavering commitment to justice, our breadth of experience across key legal disciplines, and our personalized, client-centric approach. With us, you're not just a case number—you're a priority.


Embracing transparency, The Glenn Law Firm ensures clear communication and informed decision-making at every turn.


The Glenn Law Firm offers a personal approach, tailoring our services to each client's individual circumstances and needs.


At The Glenn Law Firm, every client is treated with personalized attention, ensuring their unique needs are met with utmost dedication.


Boasting over 20 years in the field, The Glenn Law Firm provides seasoned legal expertise, honed through handling a diverse array of cases.

Since 2003, Jessie Glenn has helped and represented numerous innocent people caught in criminal judicial system due to no fault of their own. The Glenn Law Firm has a Criminal Law Office in Aiken, South Carolina and Summerville, South Carolina.

If you are ever confronted by a law enforcement officer, be polite and professional.  Being rude and disrespectful is not going to help.  Next, exercise your to remain silent by saying “I would rather speak with my attorney prior to giving any statement.”  Law enforcement officers are people, too. They too have made mistakes in their lifetime, or their family members have also made mistakes. They would much rather you exercise your right to remain silent as opposed to lie to them. Further, any lies could also be used against you later in court.  Hence, just remain silent.

In a number of cases, especially when a person does not have a lengthy criminal record, people who make simple mistakes are eligible for Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI).  This avenue allows an accused to attend counseling/classes to address any wrong behaviors that they may have exhibited.  In some cases, the charge will be expunged (dismissed with an order to destruct the record of arrested) after completion of PTI. Always consult with an experienced criminal law attorney prior to making any legal decision.

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  • Domestic Violence

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